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A Sentence Needs Three Things
Absolute Phrases
Adjective vs. Adverb (Adjective & Adverb Rule #7)
Avoiding Faulty Comparisons
Avoiding Shifts in Person, Voice, and Number
Capitalization Rule 5, Rule 6, Rule 7, Rule 8, Rule 9
Comma Misuse in Conditional Sentences
Comma Rule 2: Use a comma and a coordinating conjunction to connect two independent clauses
Comma Rule 3: Use commas with dependent clauses
Comma Rule 8: Use commas with infinitive phrases.
Comma Rule 9: Commas with coordinate adjectives
Comma Splices
Common Mistakes with Conditional Sentences
Comparisons with Adjectives & Adverbs
Comparisons Ending in LY
Compound Items
Dangling Modifiers
Dangling Participles
Dependent and Independent Clauses
Indicating Possession
Misplaced Modifiers
Misplaced Participial Phrases
Parallel Construction Practice
Problems with Prepositions
Problems with Pronouns: Rules 1–5
Participial Phrases
Participial Phrases and Punctuation

Parts of Speech: Adjectives and Adverbs
Parts of Speech: Articles and Prepositions
Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs

Problems with Correlative Conjunctions
Relative Clauses and Commas
Relative Clauses Rule 1
Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Clauses
Run-On Sentences
Sentence Structures
Sense & Appearance Verbs
Subject-Verb Agreement
Subordinating Conjunctions
Vertical Lists

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