The Good & the Beautiful Typing Courses


  • Beautiful, nature-themed pages help calm the child and boost his or her mood.
  • Learning is not connected to video-game style learning.
  • 80 carefully designed lessons teach in small steps and also help children practice spelling and grammar principles.
  • Lessons are varied each day, making learning interesting and unpredictable.
  • A vibrant, full-color course book and 8×10 sticker sheet with watercolor stickers is only $13.99.
  • The child props the course book on a stand next to the computer and follows the instructions each day, typing into a word processing program such as Word, Pages, or Google Docs.

Why the Typing Courses Were Created
Jenny Phillips: “I researched for many hours and tried many different typing programs with my children, but we never found a program that was a good fit. I wanted something that was beautiful and uplifting, not cartoon or arcade game style. I finally created my own program  for my children, and they loved it. Now, we are sharing it with you. Studies have shown that simply viewing images of nature reduces stress, improves concentration, and elevates mood. Our typing courses contain beautiful watercolor nature scenes. In addition, the course integrates spelling and grammar principles. I believe the best way to teach children all subjects is in a way that helps them enjoy and appreciate learning for the beauty and meaning of it rather than teaching them through a video game style. We are excited to offer a “good and beautiful” typing program for those who are looking for a course of this nature.”

Typing 1 is designed for children ages 7-12 with no or little typing experience. We suggest children start the course at age 7-9, depending on the child and their interest in typing.

Topics Covered by the Course

  • Proper posture and hand position
  • home row placement
  • all of the letters
  • the space bar
  • the semicolon
  • the period
  • the shift key
  • typing words and short sentences

What the Course Includes

  • a 44-page, full-color course book
  • an 8×10 sticker sheet

Other Items Needed

  • A laptop or computer with a basic word processing program, such as Word, Pages, or Google Docs
  • Easel document holder (on which to put the course book and place next to the computer) Such as these: example 1  |  example 2

How the Course Works

  • The child should complete 1-2 or more lessons a day, 2-5 days a week (2-3 lessons a week covers one school year; 5 lessons a week covers a half of a school year.) (Lessons take 5-15 minutes, depending on the speed of the child.)
  • To complete a lesson, the child places the course book on an easel document holder next to the laptop or computer and follows the instructions, completing assignments on a basic word processing program.
  • When a page is completed, the child chooses a sticker and places it on the page where indicated.

Releasing spring of 2018. More information to come soon!