Come Unto Christ: Songs for Youth

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Come Unto Christ
Songs for Youth
by Jenny Phillips

The uplifting messages in these songs cover topics such as gaining confidence through modest dress, having courage to invite others unto Christ, being shaped by the words we speak, and relying on the power of Christ's atonement.

- Perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts or as rehearsal CDs.
- Bonus: Includes 4 of the songs in SPANISH!
- Includes performance tracks for all songs.

Download a free program script for New Beginnings YW in Excellence and Girl's Camp Ideas that use these songs/this theme on the "Ideas and Free Downloads" page.

Listen to part of "Share His Light"about inviting others to come to Christ! Perfect to support the new excitement and push for missionary work.

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Listen to the Spanish Songs
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Track List
1. Strong in the Lord
2. Share His Light
3. When People See Me
4. By the Way I Speak
5. Better Than You Think You Are
6. Savior
7. Come unto Christ
8. Come unto Christ (YW only)
9. Spanish: Mejor de lo que crees que eres (sung by Marci Williams)
10. Spanish: Mi forma de hablar (sung by Lisa Jimenez)
11. Spanish: Salvador (sung by Jenny Phillips)
12. Spanish: Venid a Cristo
13 - 20: Performance Tracks


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