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How to Find & Purchase Music
Scroll down on this page until you see the images. Click the A-Z image for songs in alphabetical order. Or click on an album, and you will see buttons to buy whatever is available for that album. NOTE: If a “Buy Download Card” or “Buy CD” button, etc. is not shown for a certain album, it means it is not available for purchase in that format.

Pricing for Individual MP3s
MP3s are $1.29 each or .99 each for 2 or more copies of the SAME song. Add to cart and then enter the quantity. Download link(s) will be on the screen after checkout and emailed to you instantly.

Pricing for MP3 Album Downloads
1-4: Album Downloads (Same Album) $8.95
5-9: Album Downloads (Same Album) $3.50 each
10-49: Album Downloads (Same Album) $2.50 each
50-99: Album Downloads (Same Album) $2.00 each
100+: Album Downloads (Same Album) $1.50 each
Note: These are downloads–not physical download cards.

Pricing for CDs, Download Cards, & CD/Download Card Combos
1- 4:
$11.98 each  |  5-9: $4 each  |  10-49: $3 each
50-99: $2.49 each  |  100+: $1.99 each

Pricing for Sheet Music & Songbooks
Sheet music is $3.49 each; Songbooks are $7.98. Once purchased, sheet music or songbooks may be copied free of charge. However, files may not be shared electronically, including emailing to others.

Download Cards
Download cards are high-quality plastic and come in a sleeve with a full-color lyric booklet, perfect for gift giving. To use the card, simply go to the website on the back of the card, enter the unique code, and download the music to your computer. Music can only be downloaded once. Cards expire one year from purchase date. Music must FIRST be downloaded to a personal computer and then transferred to Apple hand-held devices such as i-phones and i-pads because Apple blocks all direct third-party downloads.

Press Forward

  1. Press Forward     Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  2. When I Live It    Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  3. As His Daughter    Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  4. Master   Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  5. First   Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  6. Believe   Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  7. Endure it Well   Buy PDF Sheet Music | Lyrics & Credits
  8. Performance Track: Press Forward
  9. Performance Track: When I Live It
  10. Performance Track: As His Daughter 
  11. Performance Track: Master
  12. Performance Track: First
  13. Performance Track: Believe
  14. Performance Track: Endure it Well

Press Forward includes 4 new songs and 3 favorites that inspire youth to hold strong to their testimony, make Christ the center of their lives, put gospel study “first,” and really live what they believe!


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