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About the Unit ($11.99 value!)

  • Good & Beautiful” style science unit study is faith-based (general Christian worldviews) and designed for Grades K-6.
  • Each unit includes lesson extensions for Grades 7-8.
  • These unit studies can be done “family style.”
  • Each lesson is designed to take 40-60 minutes.

Cells, fungi, mold, bacteria, protists, classification–children explore all of these things and much more in this engaging family-style science unit. 110 pages.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Classification
Lesson 2 – Levels of Classification
Lesson 3 – Discovery of Cells
Lesson 4 – Cell Functions
Lesson 5 – Archaebacteria and Eubacteria Kingdoms
Lesson 6 – Protista Kingdom
Lesson 7 – Fungi Kingdom: Mushrooms
Lesson 8 – Fungi Kingdom: Mold and Yeast
Lesson 9 – Plantae Kingdom
Lesson 10 – Animalia Kingdom

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See all of the units in the order they will be released and learn about when to complete them.

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Read-Aloud Book Packs: Many of the science lessons include a list of completely optional read-aloud story books that may be read to the children at any point during the lesson. The lessons include all of the information necessary for the children to learn and understand the unit concepts. The optional read-aloud books provide additional information to complement the unit, if desired. To save you time and money, we offer Read-Aloud Book Packs for some of the units. These book packs include our top picks for some units in the lesson. Our books packs cost less than buying the books individually on We only sell the books in packs, not individually.

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