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The Good & the Beautiful curriculum is designed to foster a true love of learning while teaching strong and advanced academics. The images and artwork, the exercises and assignments, and the literature used are all designed to connect children to the good and the beautiful: family, God, high moral character, and the wonders and beauty of nature and human life. This one-of-a-kind, non-denominational curriculum was created by author, songwriter, teacher, and homeschool mom Jenny Phillips with the input of reading specialists, teachers, and homeschool parents.

Why the Curriculum was Created

  1. Children in our world today are largely losing a love of learning and an appreciation for good, wholesome, and powerful literature. This curriculum is designed to help children recognize, appreciate, and seek out the good and the beautiful in learning. The curriculum focuses on teaching high moral character while remaining academically strong.
  2. Homeschooling can be very overwhelming and expensive! This curriculum can make homeschooling a more affordable and pleasant experience for families. The curriculum is carefully designed to be very easy to follow and have very little to no preparation time. This curriculum is also free or extremely inexpensive compared to most home school courses. Why? The underlying goal of The Good & the Beautiful is to strengthen children and families, not to make money. Most programs which allow you to get free home school curriculum do not allow you to get faith-based materials, and so many good Christians who home school are still using curriculum that excludes God. We hope this curriculum will make it more feasible for families to be able to use faith-based curriculum.

A customer named Michelle wrote, “I want to tell you the things I love about your curriculum:
     – I can just open and go.
     – Everything is explained clearly.
    – It is advanced academically.
     – I can trust that everything in it appropriate and uplifting.”

A customer named Marci wrote, “I love that we talk of God on a daily basis and read great and wonderful books. I love immersing them in good and beautiful things.”

General FAQs

Q: What curriculum is free?

A: Grades K-5 language arts and literature course sets are offered as free downloads! To save you time and money, we also offer high-quality printed course sets for less than the average cost of having it printed on your own. As the courses contain a lot of beautiful, detailed art, it is suggested you do not use a home printer to print the full-color materials unless you have a high-quality printer.


Q: What worldview does the curriculum take?

A: The curriculum takes a general Christian worldview, focusing, not on the doctrine of any particular sect, but on high moral character and basic Bible principles such as gratitude, honesty, prayer, and kindness.


Q: What grade levels are currently available?

A: History is family style (for Grades 1-12) with Student Explorers that offer extensions based on grade level. Science units are for K-6, but each unit has lesson extensions for older children. Language arts and literature courses are currently available for Grades K-6. We are working on Jr. High/High School level, but we have not announced a release date.


Q: On what grade level should I start my child?

A: Administer the assessment test. For children in grades 3 and under, it is suggested that do not start on a higher level than 5, even if they test higher. This is because, although they may have the reading skills needed, they may not have the handwriting, writing, and grammar skills needed.


Q: Does the religious content in this curriculum prevent me from getting the curriculum paid for by programs like My Tech High?

A: Yes. Most of the curriculum contains religious content. For example, the Grade 3 course has over 120 references to God and the Bible. We have made the curriculum as inexpensive as possible to make it more feasible for families to use faith-based materials. If you feel faith-based curriculum is important, we urge you to have faith, and God will show you a way to be able to teach your children with curriculum that has Him at the foundation.

The following items have no religious content: phonics cards, Year 1 History Board Game, Grammar & Geography Cards

Q: Can you release a secular version of the curriculum so we can get it for free?

A: Since this curriculum has been designed specifically to connect children to the good and the beautiful, all of which comes from God, it would defeat our purposes to release materials that purposefully exclude God.


Q: Why do the lower grades contain such little writing instruction? What is the curriculum’s philosophy behind writing instruction?

A: The creators of this curriculum feel the best way to develop strong writers is to expose them to a lot of well-written, wholesome literature in the younger grades, help them learn how to think through parent-child discussion, and help them learn how to form complete sentences. Some writing instruction is included in the younger grade levels, but not much. Many children at this age can find writing assignments extremely difficult and frustrating because they are still learning basic grammar principles, how to spell basic words, and how to improve handwriting skills. If you want to add more writing, the curriculum has a section on writer’s workshops that you can have children complete throughout the school year. The Good and the Beautiful starts serious writing instruction in the Upper Elementary A course (the course after Grade Level 3), and each subsequent course increases the emphasis on writing.


Q: Does the curriculum follow Common Core standards? How do the courses compare academically to public school?

A: The Good and the Beautiful curriculum does not follow Common Core standards. The curriculum includes higher standards and covers a wider range of principles. The courses are designed in a way that, if children return to public school, and they have completed the correct grade level of curriculum of The Good and the Beautiful, they should not be behind grade level, but likely will be far ahead.


Good and Beautiful Book List

Are you concerned about disrespect, inappropriate language and material, and low educational and literary value in the books your children are reading? Jenny Phillips and her team have spent thousands of hours scouring and reviewing all genres of literature to bring you Jenny’s top-recommended books for children, teens, and adults. This 90+ page PDF document includes Jenny’s reviews for over 400 books that she has found to have clean language and content and to be of the highest literary and moral value.

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