FHE Ideas

FHE Ideas

The Ten Traits of Charity Listed in Moroni 7

FHE Lesson Plan: “Suffereth Long”

FHE Lesson Plans: Strong & Courageous (pdf)

-Strengthening our Defenses: Moroni’s Great Walls of Dirt

-Valiant For Courage: The Stripling Warriors vs. Today’s TV Characters

-David & Goliath: Five Smooth Stones

*Includes refreshment ideas, activities, and game board

Envelope Books

I Love to See the Temple (pdf)

Book of Mormon Stories (pdf)


The Big Picture of Christmas (pdf) New in 2012!

Silent Night FHE Plan (pdf)

Christmas Music Pictionary Game (pdf)

12 Days of the Secret Song Santa (pdf)

Christmas Recipes for FHE (pdf)


FHE Plan: The Power of the Hymns (pdf)

FHE Plan and Board Game: Noah’s Ark (pdf)

Remember The Journey

FHE Activity Plan: Remember the Journey (pdf)

FHE Activity Plan: Pioneer Day: Why We Remember the Pioneers (pdf)

FHE Activity Plan: The Handcarts Pioneers (pdf)

*Includes pioneer games, pioneer recipes and treats, and coloring pages

10 Day Spiritual Trek (pdf)

*This is a great activity for older children or for husbands and wives to do together. Includes instructions & guide book & journal

The Parable of the Princesses

FHE Activity Plan (pdf)

This family home evening lesson plan is designed for both older and younger children and includes activity and treat ideas.

Light Keepers

Be Thou an Example: Songs for Youth 2009

FHE Activity Plan (pdf)

This PDF includes two family home evening lesson plans. One designed for older children (9+) and one for younger children (8 and younger)