2018 Curriculum Fairs

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Come LEARN, HAVE FUN, and PREPARE for a great homeschool experience!

Saturday, May 26th 2018
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Location: F&M Trolley Barn (125 E. Liberty St. Salisbury, NC)
Add a Boxed Lunch ($16.95)

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 1-Day Curriculum Fair
Monday, May 28th 2018
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Location: Gather: North Lamar (5540 North Lamar, Austin, TX)
Add a Boxed Lunch ($16.95)

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA – 1-Day Curriculum Fair
Thursday, June 14th 2018
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Location: Lake Natoma Inn (702 Gold Lake Drive, Folsom, CA)
Add a Boxed Lunch ($16.95)

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – 1-Day Curriculum Fair
Friday, June 15th 2018
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Location: Business Expo Center (1960 S. Anaheim Way Anaheim, CA)
Add a Boxed Lunch ($16.95)

Registration Prices
$35 for one person, $25 each for 2 people, $20 each for 3 people, and $15 each for 4 people
(You must register at the same time to get the discount.)

What Is Included

  • Browse, shop, ask questions, and learn about the curriculum: Get a chance to flip through and study all the curriculum and ask questions. We will have displays for the curriculum and displays of how the curriculum is organized and used. Knowledgeable people will be at the display tables to answer questions and demonstrate how the curriculum works. Are you wondering if your child needs accredited high school courses? Are you wondering how to help your struggling speller? We can answer your questions! Meet Jenny Phillips and her team, and receive training from them during our curriculum workshops, in which you will learn how to effectively use the curriculum and gain tips and ideas for organization, adapting to your certain children, and more.
  • The Good & the Beautiful Supply Store We will have the following items available:
    • Science and History Kits: These kits contain items you’ll use for experiments and activities as you teach each science and history course. No last minute runs to the store or scrambling to find things! It’s all right here in the kit for you to use.
      • Arthropods Science Kit
      • Heat, Light, and Sound Science Kit
      • Meteorology Science Kit
      • Meteorology Weather Station Kit
      • Intro. To Energy Science Kit
      • Water Science Kit
      • The Human Body Science Kit
      • Kingdoms & Classifications Science Kit
      • Year 1 History Kit
      • Year 2 History Kit
      • Year 3 History Kit
      • Arts & Crafts Kit
    • Creative Boxes: These boxes contain many fun items for your children to use in creating whatever their imagination desires. Set this box in front of a child, and they come up with their own beautiful creations. These boxes are a huge favorite at Jenny Phillips’ home.
      • Creative Box: Original
      • Creative Box: Peg Dolls
      • Creative Box: Garden Landscape
    • Thank you Note Boxes: At The Good & The Beautiful, we believe that having children write thank you notes on a regular basis teaches them to be grateful and appreciative of others. It is also good writing practice. We’ve put together a variety of 25 thank you notes and envelopes for your children to choose from when they have someone to thank. The boxes also includes stickers and gel pens.
    • Supply Store: At the supply store you can pick up items to aid in teaching The Good & The Beautiful Curriculum. Jenny will introduce some of these items and what she uses them for during the Opening Session.
      • The Perfect Storage Bins & Containers for the Curriculum
      • Pointer Packs
      • Spelling Practice Kits
      • Phonics Cards Organizers
      • Whiteboards
      • Dry Erase Sleeves
      • Art Sets for Levels 4 through High School Language Arts Courses
      • Science Experiment Kits
      • Binder Inserts
      • More!
  • The Good & the Beautiful Used Book Sale: This unique used book sale features only books from the Good & the Beautiful book list. Choose from thousands of “very good” to “like new” books for just $2.50 each–all books of high moral, literary, and educational value. Build a home library of the best books at a tremendous savings. Each curriculum fair will have thousands of books. Save up now to build a good and beautiful home library.
  • New Book Sale: In addition to the Used Book Sale, the curriculum fairs have a sale featuring dozens of new books from The Good & the Beautiful book list, including picture books, for $.50 less each than on Amazon.com. Browse and buy! The new book sale will be arranged by reading level, so it is suggested that you test your children’s reading levels before coming (see http://www.jennyphillips.com/good-beautiful-book-list/ for the assessment).
  • Attend fantastic presentations: See the schedule below.
  • 10% off curriculum, 20% off science and history kits, and no shipping: You can pre-order as much as you want (for 10% off and no shipping), and we will bring your order. We will also have stock of all items at the convention, but it’s first come, first serve. All curriculum is only discounted during conventions and curriculum fairs. You must bring it home with you.
  • Snacks and Door prizes

Click Here to See the Detailed Schedule (The Same for Each Curriculum Fair)