Why The Good and The Beautiful Math Program Was Created

  • Makes Homeschooling Less Overwhelming: Everything is carefully designed to avoid unneeded busy work and to make lessons shorter and easy to teach, all while being extremely thorough and maintaining superior academic standards.
  •  Incorporates God, Beauty, and Meaning: The Good and the Beautiful team feels strongly that God belongs in all subjects. He is the master architect of this world, and His incredible math patterns and designs are seen everywhere. When His hand is recognized and appreciated, math is more meaningful and effective. Too many math programs are dry, lack meaningful connections, and are visually unappealing. We hope this beautiful curriculum will help children enjoy deep learning through faith-based content, beautiful images, appealing lessons, and connection to real life. Each course has four units. Each unit starts with a short, true-to-life story that is then woven briefly into different parts of the unit in relevant, meaningful ways.
  • Offers a Balanced and Traditional Approach That Incorporates all Learning Styles and Emphasizes The Development of a Strong Number Sense: This curriculum is rooted in traditional math facts and principles that give children the solid foundation in number sense they will need for higher level math. Direct instruction, mastery, and memorization is balanced with hand-on activities and exploration. Whether it be auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or a combination of learning styles, children all have unique ways of learning, processing, and applying information. The Good and the Beautiful math curriculum incorporates all three learning styles into the lessons, giving each child the opportunity to learn and succeed.
  • Makes Beautiful, Full-Color, Faith-Based, Solid Academic Math Curriculum Affordable: While lower priced math programs can be found, it is hard to find one of a comparable price that is also completely full-color and visually beautiful, academically thorough, and faith-based.

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Coming in June of 2018!

Course Set Includes

  • Level K Course Book Part 1 (combined teacher’s guide and student book) (full-color, spiral-bound, 278 pages, consumable)
  • Level K Course Book Part 2 (combined teacher’s guide and student book) (full-color, spiral-bound, 226 pages, consumable)
  • Level K Math Activity Box
  • Level K Answer Key (PDF Download)

MP3 Songs: “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” (right-click to download)

Math Activity Box Includes
• 20 bee manipulatives
• 50 garden plant manipulatives
• 12 inchworm manipulatives
• 4 ten frame cards
• 1 wooden Rekenrek (bead counting board)
• 1 laminated handwriting card
• 12 double-sided pattern block pictures cards
• 78 piece colored pattern block set
• 3 sets of flashcards, numbers 0–20
• 1 set of flashcards, ten frames 0–20
• 1 set of flashcards, 14 shapes
• 1 “odd” and one “even” flashcard
• 1 ten-sided dice
• 1 standard dice
• 1 “My Place Value Chart” (tri-fold, laminated, with pockets)
• 1 page place value pieces
• 60 piece colored wooden cube set
• 1 “Part-Part-Whole” Mat
• 1 spiral-bound “My Calendar”
• Toothpicks


Math 1 will be release on May 1st, 2019.


Math 2 will release 6-12 months after the release of Math 1.

Release date to be announced when Math 2 releases.

Release date to be announced when Math 3 releases.

Release date to be announced when Math 4 releases.

Release date to be announced when Math 5 releases.

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