Book Studies

Why were the book studies created?
The Good and the Beautiful curriculum has no Level 8 Language Arts course. The language arts courses go from Level 7 to the high school courses. The Book Studies are designed for students who have completed The Good and the Beautiful Level 7 Language Arts Course but do not want to start high school courses yet, either because

  1. they finished Level 7 in the middle of a year and want something to work on before starting high school in the upcoming school year.
  2. they are not interested in eventually completing high school courses earlier than 12th grade.
  3. they are not quite ready for more intense reading or need more review of principles before moving on to high school courses.
  4. they are not old enough for books with more mature (but still appropriate) topics and some wholesome romance.The Book Studies are optional; students do not need to complete any Book Studies between Level 7 and high school. The Book Studies do not teach any new grammar, punctuation, or usage principles. Rather, the Book Studies review principles learned through Level 7. However, the Book Studies include new literature, spelling words, memorization, geography, art, handwriting, and writing assignments.

How are the book studies completed?
In these student-directed studies, the student simply reads and follows the instructions in each lesson. The parent or teacher checks the student’s work using the answer key, when he or she would like (daily, weekly, etc.).


How many book studies should be completed and in what order?

  • Each of the Book Studies has a different number of lessons, depending on the length of the book. Each lesson takes an average of 25–35 minutes to complete. It is recommended that a student doing Book Studies for their sole language arts instruction do 1–2 lessons per day.
  • The Book Studies do not go in any order. Students are encouraged to choose the Book Studies they would like to complete, but they are also encouraged to choose a variety of genres, including biography.
  • There is not a set number of Book Studies that should be completed. These studies are a way to keep children reading good literature, learning new vocabulary, writing, and reviewing principles learned in previous levels until they are ready to move to the high school courses. We will be releasing one Book Study every 4–6 months.

What is needed to complete a book study?

To complete a book study, you will need the following items:

  1. The book study booklet
  2. The associated reading book
  3. The Good and the Beautiful Grammar and Writing Guide (This
    non-consumable guide is also used for the high school courses.)
  4. A blank (unlined) notebook for writing and drawing
  5. Art Supplies specific to each book study

This book study contains 28 lessons that guide the student through the book Abraham Lincoln by Wilbur Fisk Gordy. For more information, download the sample book study and read the “About the Book Study” section.

Booklet Specifications
108 pages
60# paper

Coming Soon!

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