***Get $200 of FREE Curriculum!***
We have been working hard the last several months on a new and improved website that we are really excited to be launching soon! The new website will have many new, free resources to help you with your homeschooling journey! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find the answers you need. One of the ways we are doing this is by adding more videos and we need your help! Hundreds of people visit our website every day looking for answers and trying to decide if The Good and the Beautiful is the right fit for their family. We are looking for honest video reviews to feature on our website that share how The Good and the Beautiful is working for your family. If we choose your video then we will feature it on our website and send you $200 of FREE curriculum of your choice! You do not have to be (although you can be) a professional videographer or have special equipment, and you don’t need to have a blog or social media following. This is for everyone! We need A LOT of videos (we may select several in every category), so there is a good chance of winning.

How to Enter
#1: Create a video on one of the following subjects:
Language Arts – Each video should feature only one individual level from Pre-K to High School
Science – Feature Only One Individual Unit Per Video
History – In General – No Specific Year Needs to be Mentioned
Handwriting – In General – No Specific Level Needs to be Mentioned
Typing – In General – No Specific Level Needs to be Mentioned
Math K

#2: Follow These Rules
–Video must be no longer than six minutes
–The video can only be about one subject
–Don’t focus on what the course includes but rather on your genuine, heartfelt thoughts about your family’s experience using the course.
–While videos do not need to be professional, the sound and visual quality should be as good as possible.
–There is no limit to the number of videos that you may submit. Total winnings will be $200 in free curriculum per chosen video!
–TIPS: Make it genuine; not like a sales pitch. Giving overall reasons you love the course and some specific examples is great. Preference will be given to visually appealing videos with the visual focus being yourself, your family or other eye-catching shots rather than just the curriculum books.

#3: Submit your video
Send your video to marketing.goodandbeautiful@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, January 23rd at midnight. You will be notified that we received your video. You will be notified via email by January 31st if your video is chosen. You will not be notified if your video is not chosen.

Should your video be chosen, edits or alterations may be made by The Good and the Beautiful.