Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us–the majority of questions can be answered here. Contact info is below if you don’t find your answer here.

Question: Can I cancel my pre-order?
Answer: Unfortunately with the large number of pre-orders and the logistics of filling them, it will not be possible to cancel a pre-order. If you no longer need your order, you are welcome to return your purchase under the terms of our return policy.

Question: Why can’t I add an out of stock item to my shopping cart?
Answer: Due to logistics of handling back orders, out of stock items are not able to be purchased until we have the item back in stock. Shipping prices are determined by weight, so ordering in one combined order would only save a dollar or two.

Question: I added something to my cart, but my cart is empty when I go to it. What should I do?
Answer: Your web browser is likely automatically set to clear cookies or has code conflicting with our shopping cart. Use a different browser, or go back to the items you want, and when you click BUY NOW, click the link circled below.


Question: Why does my postal tracking not list any information yet?
Answer: The economy shipping we offer is media mail. Media is not always logged at every stop, including when it is accepted, especially when a large number of media mail packages are shipped at one time, which is the case with our company. Sometimes packages are not logged until they reach a media mail postal sort facility. This can sometimes take 5-7 business days. During the busy holiday season it can sometimes be longer. If you have received a tracking number via email, this is when the item was shipped from our office and it is picked up by the postal service that same day. We do not have any more tracking information than what you can see. We understand this might be frustrating, but shipping via media mail is the least expensive shipping method for our curriculum. We appreciate your patience as this is not something we are able to change. If you desire faster shipping, please utilize the priority shipping we have available.

Question: I am buying a lot of stuff. Can I get a discount?
Answer: Our prices are so low that we do not have wiggle room or the ability to spend time customizing discounts for individuals. These are the only promotions we offer:

Question: How do I access the history audio recordings or what is the password for the audio recording or videos?
Answer: The webpage address and the password are listed in the About the Course section at the beginning of the history course books and language arts & literature books.

Question: When I click on the opt-in link in my opt-in email, I receive an error.
Answer: This error usually occurs because you have already placed an order with us. Any order automatically adds your email to our list.  You do not need to click the opt-in link.

Problem: I didn’t receive the download link I purchased.
Answer: The email containing your download link may be in your junk folder or may have been blocked by your spam filter. Email us at, and we will reply with the download link.

Problem: I can’t open the free language arts program on my computer.
Answer: It downloads as a zip file. Most likely, you don’t have a zip program installed on your computer. You can download Winzip for free. You also need to have a PDF reader installed.

Problem: I am having trouble printing the language arts course.
Answer: Try the following:
1. Open the document in ADOBE reader.
3. Click the ADVANCED button
4. Select the “Print as Image” check box
5. And then try printing the pages that won’t print.

Question: Can I report an error/typo?
Answer: Yes! We have a rigorous editing process with nine professional editors and a handful of reviewers, but, as is the case with new curriculum with any company, there are bound to be a few typos or errors missed. With hundreds of thousands of people using the curriculum, the same error can get reported many times. Please check this document first:  If you do not find the error on the document, we would LOVE for you to email us at so we can continually improve the curriculum.

Customer Support 
Email: Emails are answered Monday-Saturday once or twice a day.

Phone: We do not offer phone support. However, if you do not get a response from email (meaning it was blocked for some reason; we check our junk folder every day), you can leave a message at 801-641-5514, and we will respond within four days. Please try emailing first as you will receive a response within 24 business hours.

Note: Jenny’s emails are read and responded to by her assistant in order to allow Jenny time to focus on her family. However, her assistant does forward pertinent information to Jenny, and emails of thanks are always sent to Jenny and are deeply appreciated. We are sorry that Jenny cannot always respond to emails.

Yes, Jenny is still performing on a limited basis.