These are tips and helps from our Canadian customers to help other Canadian customers make the curriculum affordable, etc. Please email if you have comments to ad to this page.

Language arts Levels 5 and 7 have US State Capital Ladders. Canadian customers can use these instead: Canadian Provinces & Territories Ladders

Shipping/Taxes-A Note from a Canadian Customer

You will have to pay taxes upon entry into Canada, especially if you order a few hundred dollars worth of product. There is almost no way around this. The majority of goods that are produced in the the USA and are brought into Canada are duty free as per the North American Free Trade Agreement. So you shouldn’t be paying duty on any curriculum printed in the USA. However, Canada Post does take a small “fee” to broker your products upon entering Canada. Jenny does ship USPS which is the best method for coming into Canada. If she used a courier company than the broker fees become insane and the cost goes up substantially.

Now there are three other options available to reduce costs. The first one is to ship the order to a USA location and drive across the border to pick it up. There are tons of businesses that specialize in accepting parcels for Canadians. My parents live in a border town so we have a USA address. We save huge on shipping to the USA instead of Canada, and the depot only charges us $5.00 per parcel to pickup. Then when we cross the border, we claim it and sometimes the agent just lets us go through without paying tax…which is such a blessing. I’ve only gotten away doing this with up to $300. If you spent 48 hrs in the USA you can bring back $800 without paying tax. But even if you have to pay tax it’s not that big of a deal because we have to pay tax here on everything anyways. How close are you to the border or do you have a friend or family member that could do this for you?

The other option is to print it all here in Canada. I found an amazing online printer that will print the Level 3 Language Arts in full color, double sided, coil bound, cardstock cover and back for $38 plus shipping! Shipping is $15 to me and I’m in Ontario (which is where they are located). Check them out at

The third option is to buy your own printer and print yourself. The initial investment is high but in the long run you can keep your costs really low. Printer yields have gone way up and so the cost per copy even for color has come down a lot. Black and white printing has always been cheap. You could also print as much as possible yourself in black and white and just select things in color that you source out.