In August 2015, Jenny Phillips turned her focus from music to home education and launched The Good & The Beautiful. Learn more about the curriculum and book list.


“It is like you got inside of my head and created the curriculum I have been dreaming about. It is all laid out so perfectly, and I am in love with how it incorporates God and good values. My goal is to raise all my beautiful girls to be kind, educated, strong women, and I feel like your program will help me do exactly that.” ~Jessica

The Good & The Beautiful History Course--Coming this August!

Many history courses today are composed of dry facts given from a secular humanistic viewpoint, stripped of meaning, faith, and beauty. The unique approach taken by The Good & the Beautiful history courses promotes truth, beauty, family interaction, high academics, and meaningful exploration.

FREE Language Arts & Literature Courses

Language arts and literature are wonderful topics in which to help children connect learning to the good and the beautiful. Use these courses as your home school curriculum or to supplement your children's educations.

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